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Solid Stump Teak Root Star Table Modern Minimalist Living Room Furniture

Teak root star table

Stump Teak Root Star Table Modern Minimalist Living Room Furniture

Stump teak root star table has a unique shape besides being intact without connection, it has a minimalist and elegant shape. The shape is beautiful like a star and the selling value of this product is very expensive, it can be said that the product is limited. Most teak root dining tables are star-shaped with glass tables. With a round shape, we can get the maximum diameter of the tree roots, and it also looks better to be placed in the living room.

Teak roots have many advantages over the trunk, in addition to their unique and artistic shape and character. Teak roots also have a level of hardness and strength that is better than the trunk because the wood is interlocked so that it is stronger and not easily broken.

Almost 90% of teak root furniture circulating around the world comes from Indonesia, precisely in Blora City, Central Java. Because the teak root originating from Blora City has a unique and artistic design, the calcareous soil structure makes the main factor for the more beautiful Blora teak root.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture & marketing of teak roots and suar wood slabs, all of our team comes from Blora and founded the company in the city of Yogyakarta Indonesia. We chose the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia because Yogyakarta is the center of tourism & culture in Indonesia.

Size available
– Diameter 100cm-200cm
– Height 40cm

(Due to the shape of natural materials, sometimes there is a difference of a few cm)

– The product comes from the well-known Blora teak root and its quality.
– Before shipping, we always check the goods to ensure product quality

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